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After being sold to Airbus, Bombardier announces 5 thousand layoffs


Bombardier, an aircraft maker, will sell two of its plants and lay off 5,000 workers. The measure is announced less than a year after the company sold part of its CSeries jet program for the European Airbus.

The closing of jobs is a sample of what might happen with Embraer if it is sold to Boeing. It falls flat the theory that selling a smaller company to a giant one brings some guarantee of jobs .

As with Bombardier, Embraer is negotiating the sale of the commercial sector to the US company Boeing. Since the operation became public, there have been plenty of support speeches. Even the CEO of the Brazilian manufacturer, Paulo Cesar Souza e Silva, even claimed that the sale would ensure the future of Embraer.

What is seen is the opposite movement, in which units are sold and workers, laid off. The sale of a division of Bombardier and the possibility of selling Embraer reveal a worrying scenario in the aerospace industry, with the concentration of capital in the hands of the giants Boeing and Airbus. It will remain to smaller companies (Embraer and Bombardier), just laid off workers and closed factories.

The Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos reassures its position contrary to give Embraer away. Clearly the company and Brazilian workers stand to lose. The federal government, either the current or the future one, must act in defense of the Nation.

We also send our solidarity to the Bombardier employees and argue that none of them be dismissed.


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