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Embraer Workers voted a strike warning in their struggle for wages and rights


Embraer workers increased the temperature of this Contract Negotiation Campaign and decided that factory production may stop in case the employers do not advance on their proposals. The strike warning was adopted in assembly on this Tuesday (2), by most of the workers of the first shift and the white-collar workers.

The mobilization has the main objective of pressuring the FIESP (Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo), which negotiates with Embraer. The steelworkers demand the renewal of their rights granted by the Collective Labor Convention and for the entity to present a wage adjustment proposal.

Until now, FIESP’s intransigence has been an obstacle for negotiations. Besides, the employer group wishes to impose the attacks of the labor reform on the steelworkers.

In the last week, the federation presented a proposal that foresees unlimited outsourcing, end of stability for injured workers and for workers in process of retirement, the reduction of the night shift bonus, besides a decrease on the food and transportation bonuses. The steelworkers voted against this proposal.

PLR and dismissals
The Embraer workers once again demanded changes regarding the payment of the Participation in Profits and Results bonus (Participação nos Lucros e Resultados – PLR). The union held the benefit should be negotiated directly with the entity, and it should be calculated over the operational profit of the company.

Recent dismissals carried out by Embraer were also discussed. The Union Board Member Hebert Claros warned about the company’s intent of lowering costs, and he insisted on the importance of struggling for stability in the factory.

The Selling to Boeing
Two important facts regarding the selling process of Embraer were explained in the assembly: Boeing’s interest of producing the KC-390 in the USA and the complete control of the North American company over the new enterprise. These elements directly affect the life of the worker and prove that the jobs in the Brazilian company are threatened.

“Today, we carried out an important assembly. Clearly, mobilization is essential for Embraer workers at this moment. As important as fighting for rights and wages, is to fight against the selling of Embraer to Boeing. Only with workers united will we be victorious,” stated Union Board Member André Luís Gonçalves.