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The Situation of Embraer and Boeing Workers was discussed in a meeting in the United States

Trade union leaders gather in Seatlle

Leaders of metalworker unions of São José dos Campos and Boeing workers met this Tuesday (10) in Seattle, United States, to discuss working conditions, rights, outsourcing, and the possibility of Embraer being sold to the North American giant.

Despite the great structural and economic difference between the aircraft manufacturers, in both, workers go through the same unsafe situations and have their rights trampled.

Union President Antonio Ferreira de Barros, Macapá, and Vice-president Hebert Claros traveled to the United States.

“The main preoccupation of Boeing workers is the deepening of outsourcing in the company, including the use Chinese or Japanese labor power, even in engineering sectors”, said Hebert.

Boeing workers also suffer attempts of rights withdrawal in the factories in south USA. The company has a history of disrespecting union rights.

In the meeting, Hebert Claros explained the preoccupation of Brazilian workers regarding the negotiations between Embraer and Boeing. The transference of control of Embraer over to the North American company is an actual threat of shutting down job posts in Brazil.

By the end of the meeting, the importance of international solidarity campaigns for the rights of workers in Brazil and the United States was clear.